Friday, July 29, 2005

PBS Newshour

The Newshour is useless. It does not do any reporting. It gets panels of people who disagree together and then have them spout talking points. People are disgusted with Crossfire for being pointless partisan fighting. The Newshour is the same thing, but just will no shouting.

In a related complaint:
Today they have a piece on the Energy Bill. Who do they have on? An oil industry lobbiest, who says "balance" every other sentance. And a advocate for the public and environment.

How are these equal opposing views? One person is a hired mind. She spouts out "balance" because she is paid to do it. The other person says what they think will be best for Americans and the environment. You may disagree with his values, but at least he can honestly hold the. Why ever have on an oil lobbyist to discuss energy policy? They do not provide balence to a policy discussion. They just present their pecuniary interest.

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