Saturday, September 24, 2005


The lady and I went to sushiya last night. very tasty. I think I have gotten tired of going to Mijori for the following reasons: Mijori raised their prices, which is reasonable; they are always crowded; and most importantly, they go a bit overboard with the sauce they put on the rolls these days, it makes me fell like I am eating something with more special sauce than a big mac. At sushiya the prices are about the same, we have yet to wait, and the special rolls do not go crazy with the sauce. I always order a vegi or plain tuna roll for every special roll, otherwise it is too much.

friendly service, high quality sushi;
consumed: chirashi, buzz roll (spicy tuna and seaweed salad; like Mijori Poki roll, but will less hot-sauce), himachi w/ salmon and mango on top, avo, shitaki
$-moderate expensive


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