Wednesday, November 09, 2005


All the propositions lost. Excellent.
We received a minimum of 8 calls in the last 4 days from nurses, firefighters and such urging me to vote no on the Arnold backed measures. This might be a consequence of my census track being devoid of Republicans. Or did they call everyone?

Now that we defeated these propositions, sign me up for the MaxSpeak pro-growth progressive agenda. ...err... except for that free trade in lawyers part, eh.


MSC said...

Actually some of his proposals made a lot of sense, such as forcing teachers to work 5 years before getting tenure (the most qualified people possible should be teaching our nation's future) and prohibiting unions from using their member's contributions for political causes without their consent also seems right. Though I'm of the persuasion that people shouldn't be forced to join unions if they work in any profession, we should at least work to take power away from these corrupt organizations.

c&d said...

You might want to read my post below on each of those props. Addressing your particular points,
-longer probation does not increase qualifications of teachers. If you believe in the economic law of supply and demand, decreasing the value of becoming a teacher will reduce the supply of qualified teachers. Skilled teachers could easily make more money doing another job. Some job security is one of the only financial benefits to going into this important public service job.
-People are not forced to join unions. Nor are they currently forced to have their dues be used in political campaigns. They do have to pay dues, but this is because non-members enjoy the benefits gained by union negotiations.
-"these corrupt organizations." You paint with a rather broad, libelous brush.