Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pay for Grades

Under the pilot, a national testing firm will devise a series of reading and math exams to be given to students at intervals throughout the school year.

Students will earn the cash equivalent to a quarter of their total score — $20 for scoring 80 percent, for instance — and an additional monetary reward for improving their grades on subsequent tests.

The difference between a 70 and an 80 is $2.50? Not much of an incentive to work harder. Maybe the scheme is more complicated than the article says.
How the cash will be distributed are still being hammered out. The cash could possibly be invested in a college or high-school fund for each student

Even an extra $50 would not mean much to a low performing student in the form of a college fund. Give out the cash on the last day of school.
some arguing that they discourage kids from embracing learning for the sake of knowledge.

I can understand that feeling. It would be nice if all the children worked hard to learn, but in that case grades can be seen as counterproductive. Giving money could insulate a student that wants to learn from a environment hostile to learning. Money gives an easy justification for caring. "I like learning." is more likely to get a person beat than, "I want the cash."


R Subrosa said...

For once, i actually know what y'r talking about. (I blame my class) The stupidity of this idea humours me greatly. Let's try every lazy, terrible idea, so that it looks like we are doing something. Who are these people, me????

c&d said...

This is happens when economists get involved.