Friday, January 06, 2006

Ahrnold II

As Golden State writes, Arnold has made a State of the State speech that proposes many of the very things he has vetoed over the last year. And, just like during the recall election, Arnold says, "Caleefornia, I propose we have a free lunches." Sorry, no free lunches are available. During the election, he said that he wouldn't cut education, would not go deeper into debt, and wouldn't raise taxes. He cut education, went deeper into debt, and didn't raise taxes. Now, he says that he will not cut education, will increase infrastructure spending massively, and will not raise taxes. The solution? Debt. Which will force spending cuts or higher taxes in the future.

At least he did an anti-Bush: admit he done wrong; say he would change. I hope he is serious, but his election campaign was all show and I suspect more of the same.

Oop: I just heard on the radio, he proposes a $3 monthly "fee" for every household consumer of water, and $10 for commercial use. So, he will raise taxes. And he will raise them in a way that disproportionatly affects the poor and those who use less water.

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