Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Grand Proposal

Eliminate the caps-lock key.

Rarely used; should be used even less; a holdover from typewriters; accidentally hit they cause annoyance; space could be used for an italics key. a bold key, or put the control key there, or make a huge shift key, or let it be assigned to whatever function you might like.


Anonymous said...

I agree with getting rid of the caps lock key. We need an easy way to put sentences all in caps or all lowercase after they're written. Why is there no simple button for doing this in word processors? You can get rid of the caps lock key function, apparently. A recent article on lifehacker lead me to the Chrono Tron blog with tips on using your computer without the mouse. "you should really love "Keytweak if you are adjusted to a certain type of keyboard and find a particular position difficult to get used to for typing. Keytweak lets you remap all your buttons, meaning you can change the functions of one button or just interchange 2 or more buttons. Wow! (This is an understatement) -T Bird of the Valley

Anonymous said...