Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Same Sex Marriage in NJ

The NJ Supreme Court held same sex couples must be given equal rights as heterosexual couples, but are not necessarily entitled to have the government label the union "marriage."

The Court concluded by reminding people, "same-sex couples will be free to call their relationships by the name they choose and to sanctify their relationships in religious ceremonies in houses of worship."

I don't understand why same-sex couple, who would otherwise "marry" under state law, have "commitment ceremonies" or other marriage equivalents without calling it a marriage or wedding ceremony. The State cannot stop you from calling your wedding a wedding, or your marriage a marriage! The fact that the State does not grant a same sex couple the rights and obligations or refuses to label it the same does not change what it is: a marriage.

In addition to the satifaction of calling your same-sex marriage a marriage, calling same-sex unions "marriages" and "weddings" furthers the nefarious "homosexual agenda." Speaking about same-sex unions as being marriage actively redefines marriage for all Americans. If a substantial number of people refer to same sex couples as "married," the word takes on that meaning. If you hear, "Tom is married," and many people use "marriage" as a substitute for same-sex civil unions, no person, even the most right-wing fundamentalist, can take it for granted that Tom is married to a woman. As people begin to hear "marriage" used to refer to all long-term committed couples, the idea of same-sex marriage will no longer be foreign or frightening. And once same-sex marriage is marriage, it will be the fundamentalists who will be attacking marriage.

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