Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kite Photography

Here is a very cool website of a person that takes pictures from kites.

The lady and I purchased a kite recently while at Bodega Bay. We flew it at the head. I am sure everyone else was very jealous. I saw another couple from the place we were staying. They must have been thinking, "Ah, I wish I had a kite," and saying "Why didn't you buy me a kite!" Ha ha! We are the better couple!

I also took many photos on our trip. I imagine that I would like to make kites and fly them and perhaps attach a camera, but I suspect I won't ever do it. It suspect it is more work than one might first imagine.

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hunger said...

neat! yes, i bet it could be complicated to attach a camera to a kite. and plus, somebody has already done it. so you have to do something different now. like attach a camera to a shovel. or something.